How do I transfer information to Excel?

I need to transfer the information from Synchro to to Excel. I think that by importing an XML file could help me to transfer the data. 

  • Rafael Valles
  • Jan 24 2016
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Company University of Oklahoma
  • Jan 25, 2016

    Admin Response

    The easiest way to get data to Excel to:

    1) Select all tasks in the Task List (Ctrl+A)

    2) Right click in the Task List and select "Copy Tasks as Text"

    3) Open an Excel spreadsheet and Paste


    Another way to get data to Excel is to export to Excel. This will create an excel file with a separate sheet for Tasks, Links, Costs, Resources, and/or Resource Assignments.

    1) File>Export>Excel will open a dialog to enter a file name.

    2) Press Next to choose [1] whether to include default columns only or custom columns (all columns currently shown in the Task List) and [2] which sheets to include in the  Excel file

    3) Press Export to create the file.


    If you would like to export a Microsoft Project XML, select File>Export>Microsoft Project XML, then follow the export dialog prompts where you can choose what should be included in the export (tasks, links, calendars, resources, etc)

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  • Guest commented
    November 10, 2017 12:41



    is it also possible to export the prograsstracking (and difference) to excel?



  • Admin
    Kate Hester commented
    November 10, 2017 20:03

    Any column that you add to the Gantt table will be exported to Excel, when Table Layout option is set to Custom. For example for tracking progress, you can add the Status, % Complete, BL Planned % Complete, %Due, %Variance, etc