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I am wanting to add supplier information for each line of programme. I have been presented with a drop down menu but it does not allow me to type anything in. How do I add the suppliers name into synchro ? 

1. Adding names so i can select them from the drop down 

2. adding name manually 

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  • Feb 17 2016
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Company Lend Lease
  • Feb 17, 2016

    Admin Response

    To specify a Supplier for tasks (or resources), you must first create the list of suppliers in Navigator>Company

    In Navigator>Companies, right click and select Add to create a new company

    In the General and Contact tabs below you may specify the calendar used by the company, choose a company colour which can be used to color code the task bars, and input contact information.

    After creating the companies, you will see them in the drop-down menu of the Supplier column in the Task List and in Task Properties>Supply chain.

    Once the Supplier is chosen for one task, you may drag the cell value down to copy to the rows below.

    You can also assign a company to multiple tasks by selecting the tasks in the Task List, then dragging the Company name from Navigator>Companies onto one of the highlighted tasks. The company will be assigned as the Supplier of all selected tasks.

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