When creating a video the Costs are displayed incorrectly

When adding costs into the display in the AVI export, the costs are displayed incorrectly. Is there a way to format the costs?

  • Shaun Hughes
  • Mar 14 2016
  • FAQ
Company AECOM
  • Mar 21, 2016

    Admin Response

    When adding Earned Value costs to an AVI in the Textual Frames tab of the AVI Export window, to enter static text (eg. as a label) along with the EVA information, type in the text box below the the frame type drop-down. Enter $$ or "$$%[NNN][.MMM]f$$" where the value should be [eg "Actual cost of completed tasks: $$ Pounds"]. Otherwise, the cost value or task name will display at the end of the static text [eg. "Active Task Name: ]

    For formatting the cost: NNN - number of float point before point, MMM - precision of float point after point, items in brackets [ ] are optional.

    Example 1: The text "The common cost of project is $$%.2f$$ pounds"
    Will output: "The common cost of project is 789.45 pounds"

    Example 2: The text "The common cost of project is $$ pounds"
    Will output: "The common cost of project is 789.4556 pounds"


    The settings shown above give this result:

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