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When I choose to Export Tasks, Links, Calendars, Resources they dont apear in my IFC exported file.

How come?

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  • Apr 1 2016
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Company NCC AS
  • Nov 22, 2016

    Admin Response

    SynchroniseTo IFC  is the preferred workflow compared to Export to IFC. Please try to synchronise to the original IFC file.

    Currently, we are aware of the limitation of the export to IFC feature, mainly because Synchro is not CAD application and it does have not any IFC building-related information in its data model to create correct IFC data. Other data except scheduling-related cannot be correctly created into Synchro. 

    However, the recommended workflow in Synchro to work with IFC is: 1) ImportFromIFC, 2) Create-modify some scheduling related information into Synchro, 3)SynchroniseTo the original IFC file. This will retain the correct 3D IFC data and add the scheduling data

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