Can Synchro Pro be installed on a Windows terminal server?

We wish to make the software available for remote use.

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  • Apr 1 2016
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Company SRF Consulting Group
  • Apr 5, 2016

    Admin Response

    Synchro PRO full version can be installed on a Windows terminal server, trial licenses cannot.

    Depending on how the Windows terminal server is setup depends on what type of PRO license can be activated:

    Node-locked (Named) licenses are activated locally to the machine and are tied to composite ID’s created from machine components (Such as MAC address etc.), if these elements change due to a virtual instance being moved between host servers in a cluster then the license will stop working.

    Shared licenses are managed by a license manager (FlexNet Publisher) on a server in the local domain, the licenses are activated to the license manager and then PRO checks out a license from the license manager when opened and returns the license when closed.

    There is 1 big thing to consider, Synchro PRO is a CAD application and therefore has high graphics requirements, if the server does not have a dedicated graphics card (Such as Nvidia Quadro) which servers do not come with as standard or the network speed is not fast enough then the experience for the end user will not be good, the refresh rate will be slow and it will stutter.

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