Can Cutting Planes be turned on and off during the creation of an animation similar to using Install/Remove Resource Appearance Profiles?

I am creating an animation documenting the refurbishment of a recycle tanks agitator. In the animation I want to show the recycle tank from the outside as it sits in the structure (see page 1 of attached .pdf). Next I want to move around and zoom in on the tank and then activate a saved Cutting Plane to view the inside of the tank while I am erecting scaffolding, removing the agitator blades, ect. (see page 2 of attached .pdf). Then when I am finished, I want to turn the Cutting Plane Off, zoom out and them move back to my starting position again. I have everything working except for being able to turn my Cutting Planes on and off when I want to in the animation. What steps are required to accomplish this in my animation?

  • Wayne Murray
  • Apr 20 2016
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Company CB&A Project Management Services, LLC
  • Apr 21, 2016

    Admin Response

    Cutting Planes cannot be assigned to tasks so unlike Resources, there is no way to turn show and hide them during an animation. To create an AVI like proposed with the cutting plane on during the middle portion of the animation only, you will need to export your AVI in 3 pieces. This is simple to do:

    1. Create the full animation as desired in the Animation editor
    2. Determine how many seconds into the animation you wish to turn on the cutting plane and when you wish to turn it off. (eg. You only want to show the cutting plane between seconds 15 and 30 of a 45 sec animation)
    3. Turn the cutting  plane OFF.
    4. Select the animation and go to the Export AVI window.
    5. In the Resolution tab, enter 0 for the Start value and the time at which you want to turn on the cutting plane on for the Finish Value (eg, 15).
    6. Export the animation (this will only be the first part of the animation without the cutting plane)
    7. When the export is finished, again go the Export AVI window. For the Start value enter the time at which you wish to turn the cutting plane off (eg. 30). For the Finish value enter a time longer than the total animation and the value will correct itself to the exact length of your animation. Export the 3rd section of the AVI.
    8. When the export is finished, turn the cutting plane ON, and export the middle section of the AVI enter the start and finish times that you wish to show the cutting plane for (eg. 15 and 30)
    9. Combine the 3 sections of the AVI in a video editing software such as Windows Movie Maker (free) or Camtasia.

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