Asta synchronisation error

Hi, I have had a recent error when synchronising a new Asta file in one of our projects which causes the synchronisation to fail and the programme is not updated. The Asta programme is simply being 'progressed' and some of the resources that have been assigned in Asta have been changed, when we synchronise the file we get the below error messages;

Was not changed 'Name' of code value[2400 Superstructure Concrete ]
Error: 'Activity Codes' were not synchronised.

Currently I have found that if I just choose to 'skip' the 'activity codes' option when synchronising the file then the file successfully synchronises however I am trying to find the route of the problem. Has anyone else had the same problem and know how to fix it?

  • Sarah Clarke
  • May 6 2016
  • Future improvement
Company Prater
  • May 6, 2016

    Admin Response

    Due to historic P6 limitations, Synchro had a maximum Activity Code value length of 20 characters. The Code Value causing the error is 28 characters so it cannot be synchronised. 

    We have fixed this limitation for our upcoming release due out this summer. The maximum code value length has been increased from 20 to 255 characters.

    For now (using versions 5.2 and earlier), the workaround is to edit the code values in the source schedule so they are all 20 characters or less - this will allow import and synchronisation. Alternatively, skipping Activity Code on import or Sync will also work if you do not need the Codes in Synchro.

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