Importing a progressed Asta file

Hi, I have a few questions regarding importing an asta file which has been progressed.
The key mile stone tasks which have been marked as finished (100% progress) in Asta are all changed to 0% progress when imported into Synchro. This therefore means that lots of my objects assigned to milestone dates do not appear when using the 'actual' dates filter as they aren't thought to have happened.
I also have used the summary bars to assign objects to as these objects are present during the whole duration of that works. Some of the 'child' tasks within the summary bar have been progressed, however the summary bar is still marked as 0% progress until all of the child tasks have been progressed to 100% - see attached image

  • Sarah Clarke
  • May 11 2016
  • Future improvement
Company Prater
  • May 16, 2016

    Admin Response

    Import of Milestone status and setting Asta current Progress Period report date as Synchro Data Date has been added for our next release, due out this summer. Thanks for reporting the issue and helping us improve Synchro.

    Unlike Asta, progress of summary bars is dependent only on the status (planned, started, finished) of child tasks and the Data Date, not on the % complete of the child task.
    If no children are started the summary is considered as planned, so 0% complete
    If all the children are finished the summary is considered as finished, so 100% complete
    If at least one of the children is started (but not all are completed) the summary is considered as started and % complete is (Data Date - earliest Actual Start of child tasks) / summary task Planned Duration * 100%

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  • Sarah Clarke commented
    June 1, 2016 08:47

    Thanks for the response however I do not understand why the data dates or actual start dates have any relevance to the % complete? I have checked a summary bar which has both of its child tasks marked as 100%, the summary bar has changed to 100% however the status is still left blank? 

  • Admin
    Kate Hester commented
    June 1, 2016 13:30

    Summary tasks do not have a value for Status since it cannot be changed manually. They only have % Complete which is a duration % complete based on the time elapsed since the actual start of the child tasks

  • Sarah Clarke commented
    June 1, 2016 15:14

    Is there a way to get the summary bars to be given a status of started when some of the child tasks have begun. I have plant and plant routes assigned to summary bars using a temporary appearance profile as the plant will be there for the duration of all the child tasks.

    When using the actual dates as there is no status given the plant isn't shown, I have only just noticed this problem as before now I have only been used the best dates window.

    I need to find a way around this as the combination of key milestone issue and the summary bar status issue means that our 4D model doesn't work for progress reporting... I'd be really grateful if you can give me any suggestions?

  • Admin
    Kate Hester commented
    June 1, 2016 16:05

    Try creating a hammock task that spans all the child tasks. To do this create a new task and change the Type (in Task Properties>General) to Short Hammock, then create an SS link with the earliest child task and an FF link with the latest child task.

    You can assign resources to the hammock task like you would to the summary task. The Status and % Complete of the hammock task can be updated like a regular task.