Is there a way of importing baseline data from Primavera P6?

I am currently looking at creating a planned vs. actual view of our project however we do not have a baseline in Synchro at the specific point in time required.

We do have the baseline in P6 

Is there a way of importing this data as a baseline directly from P6 to Synchro?

  • Michael Thomas
  • Jun 2 2016
  • FAQ
  • Jun 9, 2016

    Admin Response

    You will need to do the following to import both the baseline and the update into Synchro:

    1- Export the baseline from P6 to P6 XML
    2- Import the baseline P6 XML to Synchro
    3- Select all tasks and convert them to a baseline in Synchro
    4- Export the update from P6 to P6 XML
    5- In Synchro, go to Navigator - External Data, right click on the baseline and SynchroniseFrom to import the Update P6 XML. 

    Then you will be able to see baseline/update bars in different colors in Synchro.

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