How can i get my new viewpoints to automatically sort in the correct order.

When saving new viewpoints Synchro automatically names the viewpoint "New Viewpoint - Time Saved - Date that the focus time is set to in the Gantt chart" for example today's viewpoint was saved as "New Viewpoint - 9:59 AM 9/3/2018". This issue i have with this is that hierarchy of the nomenclature does not allow for correct sorting. Is there a way to change the settings (or make the default setting) so that the viewpoint reads "2018/09/03" first? This way the viewpoints are in order of time instead of when you created them. This is very annoying and confusing since Synchro will sort by months (10,11 and 12 will come before 2 which doesn't make any sense). Year, Month, Day with leading zeros is needed to resolve this issue (03 instead of 3). 

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  • Jun 10 2016
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  • Nov 22, 2016

    Admin Response

    In Options>Defaults for New Objects>Viewpoints, you can set the default Viewpoint name. Use $FOCUSTIME_ISO to automatically name the Viewpoint with ISO date format (eg. 2016-11-22)

    When saving your Viewpoints the Focus Time will be automatically populated to the new viewpoint name in ISO format. Then your list of viewpoints will be sorted in chronological order by Focus Time date.

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