Is there a batch export for saved viewpoints?

I am trying to export all save viewpoints at once and was wondering if there is a batch export functionality. 

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  • Jun 12 2016
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  • Jun 13, 2016

    Admin Response

    To batch export a number of images, use the Animation Editor and AVI exporter instead of Navigator>Viewpoints panel. 

    See the attached PDF for directions.

    NOTE: The Generate Timeline command described in the first section of the document does not need to be used in order to export a series of images using the AVI exporter, but you may find it helpful  in quickly generating keyframes eg. once a week or on the 15th of every month

     If you already have a number of saved Viewpoints and wish to use the AVI exporter to generate the images all at once:

    1. create a new Animation
    2. one by one, activate each Viewpoint in the 3D window
    3. For each viewpoint, add a Focus Time and Camera keyframe to the Animation Editor at 1 sec intervals
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