Applying an Resource Appearance Profile to an entire file/resource

I would like to apply an appearance profile to an entire file that has a "temporary" use profile installed. I was able to move the focus time and select assigned resources in the gantt chart then change the resource appearance profile, but the file has already been assigned to so many tasks that this method would be extremely cumbersome. If i go into the resources tab and select the whole file then look at my task properties tab the appearance profile option is grayed out. 

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  • Jun 14 2016
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  • Jun 16, 2016

    Admin Response

    If you select the file from the resources tab or 3D objects tab and the right click in the 3D view > display assigned to tasks, then you can go to Task Properties, and change the appearance profile from the drop down.
    Note this will change the appearance profiles for all resources assigned to those tasks (even from a different unselected file).

    Another method would be to create a task filter that only shows the tasks assigned to that file, then unassign the file from all tasks and reassign using maintain.

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