Synchro report

I have to make report with standard gantt chart task view.

I did the following steps:

 Step 1: Click the "report" icon

 Step 2: Add task to report and some available columns, such as NAME, DURATION, START, FINISH

 Step 3: Click "Design" and save new synchro report document

 Step 4 (Designer is opened): In the window "Objects", right click on "Table: Task" –> "Append an element" –> "Gantt chart" –> Task-OK

 Step 5: In the Gantt chart properties - "Field Assignments", double click on each parameter that I have chosen on Step 2 in available columns, then go to the "field/task/... and choose what fits. Click OK.

 Step 6: Save template and exit.

Then i click on design and see that there is no "Gantt chart: task" in the report container.

 What's wrong?

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  • Jun 28 2016
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Company K4
  • Jun 28, 2016

    Admin Response

    We do not currently support the Gantt Chart Object in the Report Designer (it is built by a 3rd party). You may only add tables and 3D windows to reports  in the designer(no Gantt)

    If you would like to print a the Gantt Chart with specific columns, you may do this directly from Synchro.

    1. Use Customise Columns to add the desired columns to the Task list;
    2. apply the desired filtering and sorting
    3. turn on or off the necessary Gantt Details from the Task ribbon
    4. set the desired Font in Options>Gantt Chart>Font and set desired options in Options>Gantt Chart>Printing & AVI
    5. set up the page size and orientation in File>Print setup
    6. Go to File>Print, select the Layout tab and choose Gantt for the View to Print
    7. set the page order and date range if desired
    8. Print Preview
    9. Print
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