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I have one project with 114 Apartment Buildings (10 floors ) to simulate. It is obvious that I need more time to assign tasks on the 3D models. Is there a way for team work or collaborate? Although I can do it by myself, my point is the task would be done quickly if not only person is involved and other team members could assist in assigning all the tasks into the project. Others members could also arrange and animate 3D objects, creating paths, etc. such as Tower Cranes, Hoists and other 3D resources. The idea is similar to Revit collaboration where you can do modeling at the same time. Sequencing 114 Buildings in a short period of time, I would consider myself  "Superman" with the Boss waiting at the end of the deadline.

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  • Jun 29 2016
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  • Jul 19, 2016

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    What you are talking about is Synchro Worgroup Project (SWP). This product allows you to host your project on a server and allow multiple users to access and work on the project in real time.
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