Copy and Paste list of 3D Path Keyframes

I have some construction plants moving from one location to another location on a specific date. Is it possible to specify this plant will occur at location (x,y,z) on a specific date, and move to location (x,y,z) on another specific date and so on using 3D path? I managed to set the plant location on a specific date. However, I have large amount of data from an excel spreadsheet and I don't want to import it manually. Is there a way to copy a list to Keyframe List?

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  • Aug 12 2016
  • Future improvement
  • Aug 24, 2016

    Admin Response

    It is not possible to copy and paste a list of coordinates into a 3D Path.

    Currently the easiest workflow will be having the 3D path mapped out in CAD and it needs to be done manually

    Pasting data from Excel into 3D Path keyframes is a possible improvement for a future build.

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