Export multiple views (at the same time)

Hi! Is there a way to export multiple views on the same "sheet" (for lack of a better word). What I mean by this is that a superintendent wants to have multiple views on the look ahead, but I would like to achieve this without having to stitch together multiple images for every week in the schedule. Thanks in advance!

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  • Sep 13 2016
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  • Sep 13, 2016

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    Yes! You can achieve this using the Animation editor and AVI Export

    1. In Navigator>Animations, add a new animation and select it
    2. Open the Animation Editor window
    3. In the Animation Editor window, right click and select Generate Timeline
    4. Choose the Start and End dates for your look-ahead and choose the Interval (eg. Every 1 week on Monday)
    5. In the Key Frames box, set Start to 0 and Step to 1. This will create a keyframe (sheet) for every interval in the look-ahead                                           
    6. Open as many 3D windows as you wish and set each one to the desired viewpoint
    7. If you want one of the views to update for every (or some) sheet, you can set a Camera keyframe to correspond with every Focus Time keyframe. The other 3D viewpoints will be stationary
    8. In Navigator>Animations, right click the Animation and select Export AVI
    9. In the Resolution tab of the Export AVI window, set Frame Rate to 1
    10. Set the Resolution to the desired aspect ratio of the sheets you will be printing
    11. Enable "Export the animation as a sequence of images with given quality" and set the quality to Super
    12. Select Browse to choose a folder to save all the images to and choose the image type (PNG, JPG or BMP)                                                               
    13. In the Content tab of the Export AVI window, enable all the 3D views and arrange on the sheet                      
    14. Set the desired rendering options
    15. Using the Textual Frames tab, you may also wish to add Text to label each view. Once the text has been added and formatted in the Textual Frames tab, enable the text items in the Content tab list and move them in the preview           
    16. Press OK to export the series of images to the selected folder
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