MS Project Integration - Inactive Tasks

I imported a schedule from MS Project 2013 Professional via XML into Synchro Scheduler. My problem is that Scheduler doesn't appear to distinguish between Active Tasks and Inactive Tasks. Is there currently any functionality for this, or is this planned for the future?

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  • Sep 22 2016
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  • Sep 22, 2016

    Admin Response

    There is currently no support for inactive tasks in Synchro, nor is it currently planned for the future.

    As a workaround, you could do the following:

    1. create a Custom Field in MSP and copy the values from the Active column into it. When you import to Synchro the Custom Field will be a User Field.

    2. Create a baseline of all the tasks (active and inactive)

    3. Add the Active User Field column to the Task List

    4. Right click in the Active UF column and select Custom Filter. Display only Inactive tasks

    5. Delete all Inactive tasks

    6. If you wish to restore any of the Inactive Tasks, either Synchronise From the MSProject schedule or, select the Baseline in Navigator>Baselines and Scenarios, right click and select Restore Baselined Tasks which will restore all the deleted tasksĀ 

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