IFC Space objects "have no visible geometrics" - how to solve?

Imported IFC containing IFC Space objects (that are visible in other software capable of viewing IFC)

I get the "None of the selected 3D Objects have visible geometries. Cannot zoom to show them).


- is this intended?

- is it possible to get the Space objects visible? How?


Or do I need to hack a workaround? Such as

- use original REVIT DWG to import Spaces. Will they show up in Synchro? (Don┬Ęt have REVIT, need to see this through in co-op witn the architect)

- Modify the Space objects to building element proxies? (import IFC Spaces to ArchiCAD, convert to object, export to IFC...)

Thanks community,


  • Jouni Ojala
  • Jan 2 2017
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Company Rakennuslordi Oy
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  • Jouni Ojala commented
    January 2, 2017 19:48

    Writing helps. In IFC import there is a choice for importing namely ifcSpaces. Not skipping that did the trick.