how can i measure a distance in a 3D view in synchro, for example between 2 walls

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  • Jan 4 2017
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Company Bimtecnia
  • Jan 5, 2017

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    To measure the distance between objects or points:

    1. Enable the Measure Distance option via the 3D Ribbon or 3D Window Context Menu
    2. You may also choose to Enable Snapping from the 3D Ribbon for more precise measurement
    3. Left-Click on a point in the 3D Window
    4. Move the mouse, and left click on a second point to complete the measurement.

    You can change Measurement Units in the Navigator>Project>Units panel

    Display settings for the measurements are in Options>3D View>Distance measurement

    Drawn measurements may be hidden by going to Navigator>Project>Latest Measurements, selecting the measurement from the list and pressing the Hide button. From this same panel, the measurement may also be saved as a User Field Value

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