Can I transfer Filters, 3D Sets, Resource Appearance Profiles, etc to another unrelated .SP file?

  • Katie Clune
  • Aug 17 2015
  • FAQ
  • Sep 15, 2015

    Admin Response

    To re-use filters, 3D Sets, Resource Appearance Profiles, etc from one project in another existing project, import the SP file containing those attributes into the current SP file and Skip everything except what you want to transfer. This is described in detail in method B) below.

    If you wish to to save any standard calendars, filters, etc to use in many projects, you may want to set up an .sp file to use as a template. In a blank file, set up needed calendars, filters, activity codes, user fields, task statuses, resource statuses, etc. and save the file.

    When you wish to use the template, there are two options:

    A) Open the template when beginning a new project; save it with new file name; and then enter the new project information.

    B) Import the template into another Synchro project. This method can be used to import all or a sub-set of the template attributes (calendars, filters, and activity codes, for example) into a project in progress. This method also has the benefit that if your company updates the template (e.g. adds new Activity Codes or adds a new holiday to a calendar), you can synchronise the changes into your project at any point. This method is explained below-

    1. If both the template and the current Synchro file contain a calendar named “Project Calendar,” rename the Project Calendar in the new Synchro file prior to importing a template. If you do not, a duplicate Project Calendar will be created when the template calendar information is imported into the new Synchro file.

    2. To import the template, select File > Import > Synchro Project

    3. Browse and select the template SP. Click Open, and then click

    4. You will be presented with the Import Synchro Project Window

    5. Select Skip All

    6. Then change the Command next to the Objects- Calendars, Filters, to Import for any object you want to include from the template file


    7. Select Import (you will see a report of what is importing) then select Finish

    8. If the template is updated after it was imported, and you wish to bring those changes into your current file: select the template SP in Navigator>External Data, right click and choose Synchronise From

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