Multiple views with different properties.

Is there a method of having multiple 3D views but locking the visibility of objects to that view? I have a large project with 23 different models. I would like to create a working view where visibility is change to aid in assigning tasks to geometry and an animation view that has the visibility of objects locked.



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  • Jan 25 2017
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  • Jan 25, 2017

    Admin Response

    You can open as many 3D windows as you wish from the Windows ribbon.

    Each window may have different 3D filters applied (eg. one showing only objects you're working on assigning, and the other showing all objects). Create the Filters in Navigator>3D Filters. Then right click in one  3D window - in the context menu, under FIlters you will see a list of available filters - choose the desired filter for this window. Repeat with the other 3D window(s).

    By default you may navigate (zoom, pan, rotate) in each of these 3D windows independently, but you may also Link 2 or more 3D windows together so that when you move the camera in one window, the camera moves in the other window(s) simultaneously. To do this, right click in one of the 3D windows and choose Camera>Link with> then choose the 3D window title, or just choose Camera>Link All

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