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Is it possible to edit each individual 3D path point?

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  • May 22 2017
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Company Veidekke
  • May 22, 2017

    Admin Response

    Yes, all points in a 3D Path can be edited.

    Select the path from the 3D Paths list

    From the Windows ribbon, open 3D Path Properties

    In the 3D window, right click and choose Edit>Modify 3D Path

    The 3D Path manipulator will appear

    In the 3D Path Editor window>Keyframe tab, you can use the arrows to switch between keyframes

    Use the manipulator to move the points, or type values in the Position and Rotation text boxes in the 3D Path Editor>Keyframe tab

    Changes are saved automatically

    If the Path is assigned to a resource on a task, select the Path, the Task, and the resource to see the object in place as you edit the path. You can also edit the timing of the keyframes for an assigned resource, by selecting the desired Keyframe, moving the focus time to the desired time and pressing Capture Keyframe in the 3D Path Editor>General tab


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