how can we add two 3D filters at the same time, for example 3d objects that has float less than 5 day red and more than 5 day blue

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  • May 24 2017
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  • May 24, 2017

    Admin Response

    You will need to create a Resource User Field that stores the value of the float for the task the resource is assigned to, then create 2 different 3D filters for the values of interest. To do this:

    1. In the User Fields list window, right click to Add a new User Field. Enter the settings as below, then press Edit to go to the Formula Editor

    2. Enter the following formula:MIN(TASK. PROPERTY("Downstream Free Float") )/(60*60*8) Then press OK to save the User Field

    3. Recalculate the schedule or press Compute Critical Path to update the Task Float values

    4. In the Home ribbon (5.3) or Analyse ribbon (5.4), select "Recalculate User Field Values" and use the settings shown below

    5. In the 3D Filters list, right click to Add a new Filter. In the General panel, select User Field for Filter 3D By. Also uncheck Original Colour and set the Colour as desired (eg. blue). You may also wish to change the appearance of Unfiltered Objects (objects that don't meet the criteria of any active filters)

    6. Open the User Fields panel and search for your user field name. Check the box next to the UF name and enter the value for the filter criteria (eg. >5)

    7. In the Filters list, right click the new filter and select "Create Copy". For the copy, edit the Colour in General and the value for filter criteria in the User Fields panel

    8. Select both filters and Activate in Selected View


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