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I am trying to use your "Auto Matching" function and want to map from the Gantt window to a "User Field" within the Gantt window and a "User Field" within the "3D Objects" window. I believe that this is not possible as mapping can only occur between Gantt and 3D Objects (not Gantt on Gantt). Is this correct?


The aim of the exercise is to assign 3D objects with the correct "Appearance Profiler" name based on their "Phase Created" and "Phase Demolished" parameters. The correct "Appearance Profiler" status is already within the imported Gantt but cannot be used as per the paragraph above. As "Phase Created" and "Phase Demolished" are 3D object parameters this should be allowed via the "Auto Matching" method. Within the "User Fields" I can see a "Phase Created" parameter but not a "Phase Demolished" parameter. Should this parameter be exposed?


My 3D Object data was exported from Revit via your Synchro plugin ( in Revit 2017.1.


Any help will be greatly appreciated. Regards, Tom.

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  • May 26 2017
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  • Jul 26, 2017

    Admin Response

    You can auto match any parameter from the resource (UF or Name) to any parameter from the task (UF, Name, Activity Code, ect).
    However, you cannot auto match appearance profiles.
    If you have the required appearance profile somewhere in the properties of the task, then I recommend doing the following:

    Use the above mentioned property to filter all tasks that should have the same appearance profile.
    Ctrl + A  > select only visible tasks
    Task Properties > resources > change the appearance profile in bulk
    Deselect all tasks > change filter > repeat steps.

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