Is there a way to a 3D subidivions on multiple objects simultaneously?

I have a model with 4 steel girders that are to be installed in sequences of about 1/3 the span between piers.  The designer did not show these joints, so I am going to subdivide.  I'd like to do all of them at once, is that possible?

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  • May 30 2017
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  • May 31, 2017

    Admin Response

    Yes, it is possible to subdivide multiple objects simultaneously

    1. Select all the objects you want to subdivide

    2. Open the 3D Subdivision window. Only the first object selected will be included in the subdivision bounding box and the others will be grayed out as reference initially

    3. Check the box for "Subdivide Multiple Objects"

    4. The Subdivision bounding box will expand to include all the selected objects

    5. Subdivisions will be applied to all selected objects

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