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I have a synchro file with 3D coming from an ifc file and planning from MSproject. The link is done. I reorganize my resources tree. That mean some 3D objects are assigned to resources created within Synchro.

When i synchronize from a new ifc file in which i have some new objects, i lost all link between 3D objects and my resources created in Synchro.

What are the parameters needed to set when synchronizing from IFC file in this case?



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  • Jun 8 2017
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  • Jun 8, 2017

    Admin Response

    Unfortunately, resources and geometry are closely tied in IFC. There is no way to synchronise the 3D without also synchronising the Resource tree, so customised Resource trees should NOT be used with IFC.

    However, in recently released Synchro 2017 (5.4), there is a new feature called Resource Groups which allows you to assign resources to different Groups. You may create Resource Groups and assign Resources to those (instead of assigning 3D from the IFC to resources created in Synchro). Resource Groups can be assigned to tasks. On synchronisation from IFC, the Resource Groups will remain and the Resources will still be assigned to them and to the tasks.

    To create a resource group, select the desired resources in the 3D window or Resources tree, then right click and choose Groups>Create Group from Selected

    To assign a Group to a task, select the Group in the Resource Groups window (can be opened from the Navigator ribbon) and drag and drop the the desired tasks.

    After a Resource Group has been assigned to a task, you can view it and edit the Appearance Profile in Task Properties>Resource Groups

    NOTE: Resource Groups is a BETA feature. It is best used only for the purpose of growing multiple 3D objects together using growth profiles without needing the 3D to be assigned to one Resource. Resource Groups cannot currently be used for tracking resource units

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