when synchronizing a file or programme what does 3D consolidate do?

notice there is a new option for consolidate 3D when synchronizing a prgramme into an existing 4D model just wanted to find out what this option does?

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  • Jun 27 2017
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  • Jun 27, 2017

    Admin Response

    When Sychronising From Microsoft Project the option "Consolidate3D" is availalble for Resources in addition to "Consolidate"

    -Consolidate" does not perform any deletion of resources, even if they have been deleted in MSP.

    -"Consolidate3D" does not perform deletion of resources with associated 3D representations.

    Resources deleted in MSP (that do not have an assigned 3D object in Synchro) will be deleted on Consolidate3D" but not on Consolidate.

    However, "Consolidate3D" will result in losing the Resource tree structure (even for 3D resources), so Consolidate is likely the better option. 

    NOTE: The Integrate option has been added for our next release (2018) that deletes Resources deleted in MSP AND preserves the Resource tree

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