How do I turn on and off borders in my AVI?

  • Kate Hester
  • Aug 18 2015
  • FAQ
  • Aug 18, 2015

    Admin Response

    Borders around windows in the AVI can be turned on or off for each window (3D view, Legend, Focus Time, etc) separately.

    1. In the Content tab of the Export AVI dialog, select the window from the list that you would like to edit, right click and choose Properties

    The AVI Frame Properties dialog allows you to change the border colour and thickness.

    2. Enter a numeric value to increase or decrease the Border

    3. To change the colour of the border, click the dropdown arrow to open the Colour selection dialog.

    4. Set the value to 0 to turn off the border entirely.

    5. If the border is off in your AVI, and you want to turn it on, enter a non-zero value for the Border width.

    6. Press OK to return to the Content

    7. Repeat for each window you wish to edit.

    8. Press Preview to view the result.

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