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Hi guys. My problem is when im trying to import a ASTA file to synchro. i got this error: the file does not exits. Already saved without baselines, and i tried different versions like 13,14,14.2, but i still got this error. Tried to save out as a .xml but i got this error: NJI message: none

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  • Jul 26 2017
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Company Keltbray
  • Jul 27, 2017

    Admin Response

    In order to import the Asta file (.pp) into Synchro, you need to make sure that Asta Powerproject (standalone, not enterprise) is installed on your computer.
    If you have Asta installed,  follow the steps below:

    1. Open the file  in  Asta Powerproject and resave before importing  to Synchro , to be sure that the pp file corresponds to Asta version currently installed on your computer.
    2. Be sure that Asta Powerproject does not raise messages with questions to the user on opening (some active filters in pp files may lead to the situation). If so, deactivate or remove such filters.  
    3. Be sure that all the external references (e.g. baselines stored in external files) in the pp file are valid (files are available in appropriate folders). If not so, remove the external references.

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