Growth Pattern progressing across Non-working days

I have a 5 day work week and I have a task that are installing using a growth pattern (left to right) and the task that is falling across a weekend/non-working days, but instead of pausing for non-working days, the growth pattern still continues. This is messing up the appearance of the order of tasks because it looks like this task is progressing faster while another task that would be starting during this problem task’s duration looks like it’s got an intentional lag when it’s really non-working days. Growth patterns should not be progressing through weekends. The objects should stay still and green like other non-growing tasks.Please help provide possible solution. This is critical! Thanks!

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  • Aug 5 2017
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  • Aug 14, 2017

    Admin Response

    In Appearance Profiles>General, under the Growth Simulation, check the box for "Pause during non-working time". Do this for each of the profiles you want to apply this setting to This will stop the growth simulation overnight and on weekends and holidays (according to the task calendar)

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