Different appearance profiles for resources assigned to the same task


I need to assign a resource to a task with a 'maintain' appearance profile.  I have also created a 'Workspace' for this object which i want to assign to the same task but with a 'temporary' appearance profile and have it as a different colour and transparent.


can you advise on the best way to have multiple resources linked to one task with different appearance profiles..



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  • Aug 14 2017
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  • Aug 14, 2017

    Admin Response

    Each resource assigned to a task may use a different Appearance Profile if you wish.

    Simply change the Appearance Profile in the Quick Access toolbar before assigning the resources that should use it.

    Then change the Appearance profile again and assign the other resources

    Alternatively, you may assign all the resources to the task at once using the same Appearance Profile, then select the reources that should use the other Profile and change the assigned Appearance Profile in Task Properties>Resources>General: Appearance Profile

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    August 21, 2017 07:52

    thanks you!!

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    September 5, 2017 00:26

    I am trying to bring in an XML file for a Microsoft Project file into Synchro Scheduler. The programme is currently tracked in MSP but I want to migrate the project to Synchro. When I import the file into Synchro, it does not bring forward the Baseline Dates? Can you advise?

    MSP files attached.


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    Kate Hester commented
    September 5, 2017 11:51

    Baseline dates are not imported via XML. Baselines must be saved directly in Synchro. To create the Baseline in Synchro, do the following:

    1. Import the original baseline schedule XML

    2. Select All tasks

    3. Right click in the task list and choose Baseline Selected tasks and name the baseline

    4. In External Data window, select the imported XML and right click>Synchronise From

    5. Browse to the current schedule XML and Synchronise with default settings - this will work if the current schedule was created from the original baseline so that the Task IDs remain unchanged

    Now you will have both the baseline and current schedule in Synchro Scheduler

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    March 22, 2018 07:53

    Hi Synchro,

    I am having trouble Synchronising a BIM Model and the model seems to duplicate and looses resource assignment on the new model. I have also noticed that the GUID's do not match the NWD file.


    The workflow I have followed is 'Synchronise From' in the External Data SPX file and selected an SPX which was exported from an NWD via the Plugin.

    The original Synchro model was built from the same process, an SPX exported from NWD via Navis Plugin.

    It is critical to the client that they can synchronise the models as they are updated for a dynamic process and it is a bit concerning that this is hapenning.

    I tried a few different options in synchronisation, but essentially skipped all task related options and 'Integrated' all model components.

    If you can advise ASAP it would be appreciated.


    Kind Regards,


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    Kate Hester commented
    March 22, 2018 09:51

    Exporting your model from an .nwd file does not work with synchronizing because the same nwd file cannot be updated.
    Let me first describe the correct workflow you can use in the future to avoid this problem, then talk about solutions you can use for your current project

    Navisworks workflow:

    First when exporting from Navisworks, always use an nwc or nwf file because these can be refreshed later on. If you export from an nwd, you will not be able to synchronize from a refreshed model, so you’ll have to regenerate an nwd, and the object IDs will be different, so you won’t be able to ‘synchronize from’ successfully.
    Before you export, make sure that your export settings match the attached image. Most importantly, ‘explode objects’, ‘optimize for synchronization’, and ‘Generate UIDs for new 3D objects’ have to be checked. This will code a new property (parameter) called SynchroID in the elements of your model which make future synchronizations possible (check second image). That’s also why you will have to save this Navisworks file after export, and then refresh and export form that same file when the model changes and needs to be synchronized.

    Solutions for your current model:

    In your case, we cannot export an updated model from the same nwd because nwd files cannot be refreshed, so it’s not possible to synchronize. However, there are other user fields we can use (such as other types of object IDs or even object names) to tie your updated model elements to the old ones.
    So you can re-import the model using the correct workflow and then use auto matching (you can also use synchro script) to re-link your resources by taking advantage of the above mentioned parameters.
    Let me know if you have questions regarding this process.

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    March 22, 2018 10:20

    Hi Kate

    Thanks for he response. If you can, please expand in the following as I am a bit confused:

    However, there are other user fields we can use (such as other types of object IDs or even object names) to tie your updated model elements to the old ones.
    So you can re-import the model using the correct workflow and then use auto matching (you can also use synchro script) to re-link your resources by taking advantage of the above mentioned parameters.
    Let me know if you have questions regarding this process.

    I now understand that you need to export nwf or nwc to SPX, which of course I will do in the future, however I really need some help enabling my current 4D model to synchronise with future updates if you could help?

    I have only synchronised updated models via ‘synchronise from’ in external data sources, I am slightly unsure of the alternative workflow?


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    Kate Hester commented
    March 22, 2018 10:58

    If the resources have a unique tag (eg. part number) as a User Field in Synchro, then you can do the following:

    Copy the resource User Field to a Task User Field (using "concatenate") and delete the model. Then re-import the model (exported from NWF/NWC) using the correct workflow and then use auto-matching on the resource UF to the newly created Task User Field to reassign resources. See the attached PDF for a description of auto-matching.  If you have further questions about auto matching on your project, please email support@synchroltd.com

    Also, regarding the Navis plugin: Please make sure to keep 'generate UIDs for new 3D objects' checked and also make sure you are using the latest version of the plugin.
    You can check the version of the plugin from plugin settings > about, the current latest version is

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    April 26, 2018 23:50

    Hi Synchro

    Is there any update on the below query?