Where to find Light and Shadow effects?

after I update my synchro to I notice that Synchro add a lot of repetitive functions in the toolbar menu. My problem is: I cannot find a lot of function which I have used before so it will be nice if you can provide screen shots, for example, to point where is rendering functions are? (shadows and light). 

thank you

  • Aleks Stepanenko
  • Aug 25 2017
  • FAQ
Company BSB
  • Aug 28, 2017

    Admin Response

    All functions related to the 3D view (including shadows and light) are now all in the  new 3D View Properties window which can be opened from the Windows tab. Shadows and light can also be found by right clicking in the 3D window and hovering over "Effects" in the context menu


    The reason there are duplicated functions in the ribbon is to group all functions needed for a particular workflow in a single tab to reduce switching back and forth between tabs. For example, all the functions needed for creating and editing schedules are in the Plan ribbon and all the functions needed for linking resources to tasks are in the Assign Resources ribbon. The Task Filters window can be accessed from both because it is useful for both workflows.

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