3D Path with Growth simulation


I need to know if is possible to set an appearance profile both to a 3D path. because when i try to set a growth simulation it work but when i add a 3d path it consider only the last one

Alternatively, I would like to know how to create a movement of a series of pilings that come down in scale and not all together.



  • raoul Pletl
  • Sep 11 2017
  • FAQ
  • Dec 6, 2017

    Admin Response

    See the attached SP file

    You can split the piles tasks into subtasks in order to install a few at a time in sequence

    Create Resource Groups by selecting the piles that should be installed together and right clicking in the 3D window and selecting Groups>Create Group from selected

    Open the Resource Groups window and drag and drop to the subtasks to assign

    select one of the groups and create a 3D Path that starts in position and goes straight up (you can edit the Position in 3D Path Properties>Keyframe so X and Y are the same for both keyframes and only Z varies.

    assign the path to each of the resource group assignments in Task Properties>Resource Groups>3D Path. Set the alignment to Original position (this allows you to re-use the same path for all of the piles) and check the box for reverse direction

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