Is it possible to filter or assign User Fields based on x-y-z coördinates?

Considering the phasing of the construction I want to 'cut' a building into multiple zones. I was hoping to use Synchro Script to determine which objects are situated in which zone, and then give those objects a User Field value depending on that zone. I want to specify the zones with x-y-z coördinates.

The objects do have specified on which Level they lay (an alternative for the Z-coördinate) , however zones encompass multiple levels but never a complete level. There are no unique User Fields that can specify the x-y coordinates.

This would speed up the linking of the objects with the planning significantly.

Any suggestions?

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  • Sep 18 2017
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  • Sep 18, 2017

    Admin Response

    This is possible using calculated User Fields

    1. Create or import Resource/3D User Fields for the coordinates you are interested in (eg. center point, maximum, or minimum). The attached example uses calculated user fields to define the Y Max and X Max values of the objects

    2. Create a Calculated UF Resource UF to assign the Zones based on the coordinate UFs defined in step 1. The attached example uses the following formula to label 4 zones divided by the X and Y axes:

    IF( UFV("X_MAX")<0.0 AND UFV("Y Max") <0.0, 1, IF( UFV("X_MAX")<0.0 AND  UFV("Y Max") >0.0, 2, IF( UFV("X_MAX")>0.0 AND  UFV("Y Max") <0.0, 3, 4)))

    If your zones are defined by X, Y, and Z coordinates, you will have more conditions in the first part of your IF() command. The number of nested IF() commands will depend on how many zones you have.

    3. From the Analyse ribbon, press "Recalculate Values" to assign the zone values

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