3D Objects imported from IFC do not have 3D User Field values



I have imported my IFC file (exported from Nemetschek Allplan) in Synchro. The Resource Type was Material as it is concrete walls and slabs. My User fields have been created accordingly from Allplan as "Resource" but not as "3D Property". Why?

I can customize the columns in Resources with my User fields but there are none in "3D Objects" as mentioned before.


Please advise.




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  • Sep 25 2017
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  • Sep 26, 2017

    Admin Response

    IFC files are Resource centric and do not really support 3D objects separate from Resources. Therefore when importing IFC, there is a one-to-one match been 3D objects and Resources and the Resources and 3D Objects tree should NOT be edited for IFC files, or you risk not being able to Synchronise from and updated IFC. There is no reason to duplicate the User Fields for 3D Objects as this simply adds to the size of the file and may affect speed.

    If you wish to use the User Field values for 3D instead of Resources for some reason, you may create a new 3D User Field of the same Type as the Resource UF and use the User Fields window right click menu command "Copy Values to Associated Objects" to copy the UF values from the Resource to the 3D table.

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    September 26, 2017 13:30



    Thanks for the answer, helped a lot!

    When importing IFC from Allplan, Synchro adds "Allplan Attributes" in front of the User Fields which have been assigned Allplan. So it looks like: [Allplan Attributes]ALLFA_Merkmal 01



    When exported IFC from Synchro, Synchro adds "SynchroResourceProperty" in front of the User Fields. SO it looks like: [SynchroResourceProperty][Allplan Attributes]ALLFA_Merkmal 01


    Possible to avoid that?