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is it possible to edit the Comments and Footnote after creating them? Like to change positions?

Sometimes, after creating a footnote, they do not show (they are activated). Why?

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  • Oct 4 2017
  • Future improvement
  • Oct 4, 2017

    Admin Response

    After creating a 3D Notation, you may edit the Text and the format (eg. text and background color) in 3D View Properties>3D Notations, but there is currently no way to move them. Editing the location of 3D Notations is on our list of future improvements.

    Regarding visibility, check that Hide if Closer/Farther than are not enabled in 3D View Properties>3D Notatins>Behavior. Also, it ldoes appear like there is a bug where sometimes Notations do not show after creation. Try opening the Animation Editor and/or switching 4D  Review>Play Mode. This made them appear for me. We will work on fixing this bug

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