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I’ve had a problem and I would like to know if there’s any possible solution:


In my company, my team moved from one department to another, and with that, all the folders with the projects’ files also moved from one network unit to another. The .sp file, that had various .ifc models linked, aswell as an .xml Gantt file, moved to another location in the companys’ network. When we tried to open that .sp file in the new location, Synchro says that the path is wrong (Synchro is trying to find the original path from where de files have been moved from) and it just won’t open anything at all. It opens a blanc project. No models, no schedules, no Gantt, no animations, nothing that was in the .sp file. Like an “untitled” Synchro project.


We didn’t export the Gantt chart from Synchro before moving the archives in our network so our last updated construction program is inside that .sp file.


My question is the following:


Is it possible to recover that .sp file with the .ifc models linked to the .xml program? Maybe we can establish a new network path from where Synchro should look for the models and gantt program.


The strange thing is that when we open de .sp file it directly opens a blanc project. it doesn’t even keep the original name of the .sp file... It’s like it opens a new archive, so it wouldn’t make sense to establish a new route…


Looks like all the elements linked to the tasks, all the properties of construction growth, user fields, appearance profiles, 3D paths, etc. that were in the .sp archive have been lost.


Thank you for your time and I hope I have news from you soon!


Best regards,


Alberto Alburquerque Reus.

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  • Oct 4 2017
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    Kate Hester commented
    October 4, 2017 13:49

    Have you tried opening a blank Synchro file first and then using File>open to browse for the new location of the project file?

  • Guest commented
    October 5, 2017 07:44

    Hi Kate, 

    It worked! Thank you for your response.