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i am working with a very large NWD file and i only need to work with part of it in Synchro.  Via the Navisworks plug in, can i export only certain components of the model into synchro to reduce the file size and make it more specific to my 4D project?

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  • Oct 18 2017
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  • Oct 18, 2017

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    IMPORTANT: When working on projects its much better to work with the NWF/NWC as these files can be updated and you can export from that same NWF once the NWC get updated and save the file. Since NWDs cannot be updated, even if you save the file, once you generate a new NWD you may get different IDs and this will affect synchronization.

    To limit what is included in the SPX export from the Navisworks Plugin:

    1. Use filters in Navisworks to hide objects you don't want to export

    2. In Navisworks, select Export Add-Ins>Synchro Plugin Setting

    3. Make sure that Export Hidden 3D Objects  is unchecked. When enabled, all objects in the file will be exported regardless of whether or not they are hidden by a filter; Otherwise, only unhidden objects will be exported

    4. Change other settings as desired, then OK

    5. Select Export Synchro Project 

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