Automated task creation from user fields

Hey community,

I am working on developing an automated scheduling creation by integrating Revit  into Synchro.


Case description:
In Revit I have created 4 shared parameters: Zone, CCSTypeCode, CCSClassCode and CCSSingleLevelID, and added a desired parameters into them. CCS-Cuneco Classification System.

I export .spx file with these paramters, as seen in fig 1. 

All of these parameters appear under "User Field" in 3D properties (fig. 2) 

Is it possible to automatically create "Tasks" by using a set of rules? E.g. selecting objects that have the same "CCSClassCode" and "Zone" and creating new task for it as seen in Fig. 3 and fig. 4.

Hopefully it makes sense, if not, I will update it.

Thank you for any input!

  • Petras Bagdonas
  • Oct 24 2017
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    Kate Hester commented
    October 25, 2017 20:36

    Take a look at the Help topics inside Synchro PRO for User Field Formulas and for Synchro Script (attached)

    Tasks can be created directly from objects by selecting objects, right clicking in the 3D window and using Create Task(s)>

    User Field formulas can be used to concatenate user field values of resources assigned to each task into another text string User FIeld

    Synchro Script can be used to rename tasks by user field values, or alternatively to assign resources to tasks according to certain criteria

    Also, check out this video about schedule creation from a model:

  • Petras Bagdonas commented
    November 15, 2017 10:04
    Just a comment to my threat and process to achieve what I intended. I have not figured out how to create tasks from the set of rules. However, I over passed it around: in Revit I have created a shared parameter for objects called "task name" and using Dynamo inserted the concatenated "code", " levle" and "zone" parameters into each of the objects. (f.x. ULD 5 A). Then, using Dynamo I have retrieved all the "task name" parameters from all objects and filtered to have only a unique list, so it removes duplicates and then exported it to a spreadsheet. From a spreadsheet I have copied all the unique tasks into a "name" column in Synchro model and used automatching feature to assign objects to a task with the same "task name" UFV and "name" in synchro.
  • Petras Bagdonas commented
    November 15, 2017 10:06

    I am attaching a screenshot of the synchro. Additionally, I have added a comment elaborating on the "name" parameter.

    Hopefully it makes sense!