How does Synchro compute % Comlete if tasks only consist of duration information? No costs or resources are input

Easily cretaing an S-curve based only on task duration. I am aware of the possible errors. 

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  • Nov 24 2017
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  • Nov 27, 2017

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    Synchro has multiple ways to compute % Complete. Which method is used is determined by the setting in Task Properties>General>Progres: "Progress Type". The default Progress Type for newly created tasks can be set in Options>Defaults for New Objects>Tasks


    Monitoring Reports & Actual Direct Costs

    Progress Type-  shows how the Progress is determined:

    · Automatic: % complete is tied to duration and calculated automatically based on task dates, progress reports and data date. Changing the % complete value leads to creation of a delay or advance progress report
    · Manual: % complete should be set manually; No affect on other parameters when changed
    · Duration: % complete is tied to duration, calculated based on planned and remaining duration; Changing the % complete leads to recalculation of remaining duration
    · Physical: % complete is tied to Physical Quantity, calculated as Actual Physical Quantity / (Actual Physical Quanitity + Remaining Physical Quantity); Changing the % complete leads to recalculation of actual Physical Quantity
    · Unit: % complete is tied to units of assigned equipment and human resources, calculated based on actual and remaining units of assigned equipment and human resources (material and location resources are not taken into account); Changing the % complete leads to recalculation of actual units


    There is also a setting in Options>Gantt Chart>Progress that determines the exact formula used with the Duration Progress Type

    For Tasks with 'Duration' Progress type, calculate % Complete as: - This setting controls how the % Complete field is calculated ONLY if the Progress Type (in Task Properties>General) is set to "Duration" type

    · Actual Duration / (Actual Duration + Remaining Duration) for compatibility with Microsoft Project
    · (Planned Duration - Remaining Duration) / Planned Duration for compatibility with Primavera P6




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