Assign a 3D object to multiple tasks

Hello, I have a single object and 3 tasks, can I assign it to all 3 of them where by the object starts with the start of the first task and ends with the end of the last task?

Thank you.

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  • Nov 28 2017
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  • Nov 28, 2017

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    If the tasks are back to back with no break, you can simply assign the same resource to all 3 tasks with an Install type Appearance Profile. The object will not show up before the first, then will be highlighted during the 3 tasks an return to its original color after the end of the 3rd task.

    If the tasks have gaps between the finish of one and the start of the next, then you may wish to create a custom Appearance Profile to color the resource a particular way between tasks. For example you could create a Profile to use on the first 2 tasks only so that the resource is colored green for the Active Appearance and yellow for the End Appearance to indicate that the resource installation is not finished yet (alternatively, you could use the same color for Active and End appperance if you want the color to be continuous even between tasks). For the final task, you should use a different Profile, where the End Appearance is Original Colour.

    Note: you cannot use a Growth Simulation over multiple tasks - the object will grow from nothing to everything for each task.

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