Comparison of different schedules and methods

Is it possible to have (import) more than one schedule in Synchro to compare constructions methods and analyse critical path?


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  • Dec 5 2017
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  • Dec 5, 2017

    Admin Response

    To compare multiple schedule options simultaneously (if the model is the same)

    1. Import baseline schedule

    2. assign 3D resources to schedule

    3. Select All tasks and right click to "Baseline Selected Tasks"

    4. a. if the schedule for comparison is an updated version of the baseline, then synchronise from to bring in the update (and retain some of the resource assignments)

    4. b. if the schedule for comparison is completely different, then import the alternate schedule

    5. assign the 3D resources to the new schedule

    6. if the schedule is completely different: in the Baselines & Scenarios window, select the original baseline and right click to "Select Baselined Tasks", then right click on one of the select tasks and choose "invert selection". Then right click on one of the selected tasks and "Baseline Selected Tasks" - now you have a "Baseline" for each of the schedules

    7. open 2 3D windows

    8. Follow the steps in this video to play one schedule in each 3D window:

    9. You may also compare schedule data using the Reports>Compare Schedules tool and selecting the Baseline to compare


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