Objects disappearing or changing geometry on 3D Subdivision

I’m receiving weird results when subdividing particular objects using the 3D Subdivision tool.

Example 1: I just had an object turn into a cube while I was attempting to slice it into pieces via 3D Subdivision

Example 2: I start subdividing the object and it vanishes. I have done a lot of subdivision on the objects in this file and this is the only one that vanishes.







  • Kate Hester
  • Aug 18 2015
  • FAQ
  • Aug 18, 2015

    Admin Response

    The selected object is probably not a valid closed shell. For such object it's recommended to modify the default subdivision options.

    Try changing the settings in Options>3D View>3D Subdivision:

    - Change the Toolkit to Advanced

    - Change Triangulation type to Always triangulate

    - Disable Try sewing to solid

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