Inheritance from parent


Is it possible to set inheritance for task parent.


Per example I have the parent task that has a name set and I would like to append it to its children.

Thanks for the help.

  • Mathieu Farine
  • Dec 6 2017
  • FAQ
  • Dec 6, 2017

    Admin Response

    The only settings available are when creating tasks from resources as child tasks. In Options>Defaults for New Objects>Creating Tasks from Resources there are options to choose how to divide the duration of the parent task and how to link the child tasks.

    You can use a Script to rename all child tasks though. The following script will set the task name of all child tasks to "parent name - child name". Only the name of the immediate parent task will be appended (i.e. not the whole chain of parents back to the root)


    TASK(PARENT).TASK - for all tasks where number of children is greater than 0, access the list of direct child tasks

    SET_PROPERTY(NAME, - change the name property of the tasks that meet the condition

    $0.NAME + " - " + NAME) - set the new task name to parent task name plus " - " plus current task name

    $0 - this references the original object TASK(PARENT)

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