I'm confused in the difference between the 3D object and the resource. Please clarify

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  • Dec 19 2017
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Company Pearson
  • Dec 19, 2017

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    When importing an SPX or IFC file, or importing any other kind of 3D file and creating Resources on import using the default "Add Resource underneath, build tree" option in the Resource wizard - there is essentially no functional difference between the 3D Object and the Resource. However, multiple 3D Objects can be assigned to the same Resource. For example, when importing an equipment model you may choose "Assign to this Resource, don't build tree" from the Resource Wizard - which creates a single Resource for all the 3D Objects - this allows you to assign the entire equipment model to a task and travel along a 3D path, rather than individual nuts, bolts and wheels. Similarly, you may want to assign all the Piles 3D Objects to a single Resource to take advantage of the Growth Simulation feature of Appearance Profiles.

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