Syncing 3D files - objects become unassigned


I am having trouble syncing 3D files. When I try to resync, all the 3D modeled elements lose their associated resource, even if the 3D element did not change. What am I missing? Here's my process below:

1. navigate to External data, click on the model I need to update, and click on "Synchronise From". Browse to the new model location.

2. Step 2: revise the object commands if necessary - this is potentially where I am not understanding what to select, exactly. I feel that "Integrate" would make the most sense for the 3D model I am trying to sync. There were only a couple of piers where the location was revised, but no 3D objects were deleted. In my mind, that means that all 3D elements and their assigned resources should stay associated without a problem. 

3. Synchronize the 3D model. 

4. The problem is that now, none of my modeled elements are assigned to their original resources. Even the elements that did not move or change at all were still all unassigned. Please see attached images. 

Thank you for your help.

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  • Dec 19 2017
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    Kate Hester commented
    December 19, 2017 21:31

    What is the source of the model? Revit or Navisworks?

    If Revit, please check that you are choosing the correct item in External data to synchronise (e.g. maybe you imported twice and deleted the model once - the file name is not removed from External Data). You can make sure you're synchronising the correct file, by selecting the top node of the model in the 3D Objects tree and selecting Synchronise From. Please also confirm that you did not edit the Resource tree at all. When using the SPX plugin, the Resources are automatically generated by the plugin to match the 3D object tree exactly. If you re-assign 3D Objects to new Resources in Synchro, upon synchronisation, the 3D to Resource assignment (exact match) in the updated SPX will override your assignment of 3D objects to custom resources. The custom Resources will still exist and still be assigned to the tasks, but the 3D objects will be assigned to different resources which are not assigned to tasks.

    If Navisworks, here is our recommended Navisworks workflow if synchronisation is to be possible:

    First when exporting from Navisworks, always use an nwc or nwf file because these can be refreshed later on. If you export from an nwd, you will not be able to synchronize from a refreshed model, so you’ll have to regenerate an nwd, and the object IDs will be different, so you won’t be able to ‘synchronize from’ successfully.
    It is important that Explode objects, Optimize for Synchronization, and Generate UIDs for New 3D Objects should be enabled in the Synchro Plugin settings. This will code a new property (parameter) called SynchroID in the elements of the model which make future synchronizations possible. That’s also why you will have to save the Navisworks file after export, and then refresh and export form that same file when the model changes and needs to be synchronized.

    The client likely missed one or more of those steps (eg. he exported from an nwd)
    In that case: it is not possible to export an updated model from the same nwd because nwd files cannot be refreshed, so it’s not possible to synchronize. However, there are other user fields that can be used (such as other types of object IDs or even object names) to tie the updated model elements to the old ones. We sometimes use the GUIDs for auto-matching when a customer forgets to save the nwf after exporting and asks us to help updating their model.
    In that case we copy the resource User Field GUID to a Task User Field (using "concatenate") and delete the model. Then re-import the model using the correct workflow and then use auto-matching on resource GUID to the newly created Task User Field to reassign resources.

    If this does not help, please send the master Synchro file (before syncnhronisation) and the updated SPX to for investigation.

  • Guest commented
    December 20, 2017 19:01

    Hi Kate,

    Thank you for looking into this. The original source of the file is Revit, however, we are exporting Revit to a Synchro Project since you cannot import the raw Revit file into Synchro. 

    It looks like when I navigate to my 3D objects tab, click on the .spx file, right click, and try to hit "synchronise from", it is greyed out. Do you know why?


    This is a different, unrelated question, but GE Johnson Construction company was wondering if we could have a certain contact person from Synchro to help with questions like this, since we are also experiencing some issues with syncing up our .xml schedules...

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    Kate Hester commented
    December 20, 2017 20:28

    That's correct, export to SPX or DWF/DWFX is the reccomended workflow for Revit

    My mistake - Synchronise From is available for 3D type files (e.g. dwg, dwf) but apparently not for SPX files. I just learned something new too! In which case you will need to perform Synchronise From from the External Data window. if you did import the file multiple times, you can check the Latest Data>Operation time below the list.

    The best way to ask questions is to email - then our whole support team has access to the question and whoever is available first or most qualified to answer will respond.