Is synchro capable of doing clash detection of models pertaining to different disciplines like MEP, structural and architechtural?

  • Vishnu Datta Ayenampudi
  • Dec 20 2017
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Company Larsen & Toubro Construction
  • Dec 20, 2017

    Admin Response

    Synchro can run clash detection and is uniquely capable or running 4D clash detection as objects  are installed and move over time. That being said, Synchro is not designed to be a replacement for the static clash detection used for model coordination. The primary purpose of clash detection in Synchro is to find errors in scheduling and planning that result in dynamic clashes of equipment, workspaces, as well as temporary and moving objects. See these videos for example of best practices for using Spatial Coordination (clash detection) in Synchro:

    4D-Based Coordination of Construction Trades Using Synchro:

    Introduction to workspace planning in Synchro Pro:

    Safety Planning Episode 3 - Using the spatial coordination tool

    Using Synchro PRO for Workspace Clash Detection:

    Attached is the Help Printout for how to use the Spatial Coordination tool

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