How do I apply my settings in Synchro to another computer?

 I want to share my settings with a co-worker who also uses Synchro so he doesn’t have to set them manually.

  • Kate Hester
  • Aug 18 2015
  • FAQ
  • Aug 18, 2015

    Admin Response

    All of the configuration and layout settings are stored in the registry and we can export those settings to move them to another machine.

    1. In Synchro open Options from the Home Ribbon.

    2. In the Options dialog, select  Export

    3. You can then select Save as type and choose Windows Registry Files

    4. Save to the .reg file and you may copy it to the Desktop of any machine you wish to load these settings.

    5. On the new machine, simply double-click the file from the Desktop and confirm the registry update. 

    6. The next time you open Synchro on that machine you will see these registry settings have taken effect.

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