Which software do you recommend for performing a Quantitative Risk Analysis/Monte Carlo simulation considering Risks on my Synchro Schedule?

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  • Dec 21 2017
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    Pawel Krecz commented
    December 21, 2017 11:22

    It is difficult to recommend a third party software (as we do not want to affiliate ourselves with or promote any specific software vendor).
    The software assessment will depend on many factor like compatibility with other formats, availability, price, etc. The software that is popular in Europe is:
    - Safran Risk (popular in Scandinavian countries)
    - Primavera Risk Analysis (former 'Pertmaster', popular in West Europe and US)
    - CS Project Professional - this is very small, good software, relatively unknown, but used very often in the UK. Advantage is good price and very good compatibility.

    We are also looking into possible implementation of Risk Analysis in Synchro but this would be a future consideration.

    Does the info above help?

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    Pawel Krecz commented
    December 21, 2017 11:29

    By the way - Risks module in Synchro does serve completely different purposeĀ compared to Risk Analysis / Carlo.
    Risks in Synchro are more like a time-risk allowance analysis (distribution of time-risk within logical chain) and it is considered as deterministic.

    Quantitative Risk Analysis or M.Carlo are probabilistic considerations.

    There is no relation/correlation between Risks in Synchro and possible Risk Analysis in other software - there are 2 completely different mechanisms.

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    December 21, 2017 12:22

    Thanks for your quick reply.

    Yes, the info does help, but I'm looking for some user experience. Compatibility is exactly what I worry about most. Nowadays we use P6 a lot, so it is no suprise that it works well with the Primavera Risk Analysis tool. Since we want to use 4D as a standard way of working we are shifting more and more towards Synchro. However, people are having difficulties letting go their well trusted and proven software tools, and besides the increasing importance of 4D, Risk AnalysisĀ remains an important aspect of our job. So in order to convince colleagues and partners of the usability of Synchro I need to know what the best way is to fulfill our QRA's when using Synchro as our planning software.

    Maybe the interoperability between Synchro and PRA is great working with the .mpp or .xml exports., but I just don't know...

    So at last: I think it would be awesome if you guys would integrate it!