Importing and Syncing xml schedule - what parameters need to be set up (exporting xml from ASTA) in order to successfully sync?

GE Johnson has a systems integration group, which is the team that adds 3D/BIM collaboration to our projects. Our PE's are using ASTA for their scheduling. The Systems Integration Group (SIG) is using Synchro for a 4D animation to be used internally. We first started this 4D back in October, and imported a xml file dated 1005. We recently had a big schedule update, and need to sync in a xml schedule dated 1208. After navigating to external data, and clicking "synchronize from" on the xml file, we used the attached commands when resync'ing the xml file. After the sync was finished, we found the attached results. 

When navigating in the Gantt chart and 3D model, we noticed that the dates did not correctly transfer over. Some dates did, but some dates didn't. Furthermore, we found that some resources were assigned to random, different tasks. Please see attached images showing the schedule after syncing compared to our actual schedule for more clarification.

Is there a certain protocol that we need to follow when exporting from ASTA to XML? We had our PE's export the unique task ID, Task name, and dates only.

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  • Dec 21 2017
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  • Dec 22, 2017

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    Synchro does not support XML exported from Asta (only XML from Microsoft Project and Primavera P6)

    The correct workflow for Asta is to import directly using File>Import>Asta Powerproject. This uses an API and requires that Asta be installed and licensed on the same computer as Synchro and requires an add-on Synchro license for Asta connection. Email to request an Asta add-on license.

    Synchro can import, synchronise from (bring updates from Asta to Synchro), and synchronise to (send Synchro updates to Asta) Asta using this direct connection

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    December 22, 2017 22:21

    Thank you for your reply. We were able to get our schedule into Synchro the first time by exporting ASTA to an xml file. Understood that this might not be the most efficient, but we were still able to use this method starting off. 

    Now, when we try to sync the schedule (xml file), our 3D modeled elements and schedule do not 100% sync up. There are some dates that sync up, and others that do not sync up. Even if we sync the same file type (xml), shouldn't the dates update correctly?

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    Kate Hester commented
    January 2, 2018 12:09

    Microsoft Project XML generates task IDs based on the order of tasks. If tasks are added or rearranged the IDs will be changed and synchronisation will not be possible.

    In theory, syncing the same original XML file again should update any changed dates with the originals unless task IDs were changed in Synchro. However, we cannot guarantee or support synchronisation of XML files from Asta